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    China's push to become a world leader in high-tech industries has one neighbor particularly worried about new competition on the block: South Korea.


    Milan transport's 'Can I sit?' badges for mothers-to-be

    While badges for pregnant women on public transport are nothing new, the Milanese approach is far more direct than Transport for London's modestly-sized "Baby on board" badge, and instead asks the straightforward question "Posso sedermi?" ("Can I sit down?") on a badge that is almost impossible to miss, La Repubblica newspaper reports.

    Jiang Daming, Land and Resources Minister
    Jiang said that he hopes the unified property registration will be further pushed forward in the grass-roots level and the information system will have a role to play in 2017.


    First look inside Shanghai Disneyland: Sneak peek into the 3.8bn resort which will have the biggest castle
    Shanghai Disneyland celebrated 100 days to go until opening day by releasing the first images of inside the much anticipated theme park on March 8.The resort is set to open on June 16 and has promised that it will pay homage to traditional Chinese culture as well as showcasing Disney's favourite films, the People's Daily Online reports.

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